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1 SBPS/SS1 Special Boiling Point Solvent/ Special Solvent 1

Special Boiling Point Solvents / Special Solvent 1 range is a versatile group of solvents,  consisting of paraffins and cycloparaffins in the C5-C9 range. Due to the way they are manufactured, including deep hydrogenation, their aromatics content is very low. Application areas for these products are in quick-drying lacquers, paints, varnishes and inks where they are used as diluents and solvents.

Garments Industry, Tannery Industry
2 MS Motor Sprit Motor spirit is mainly Used in Spark ignition engines. For Industrial units Mainly supplied through Consumer Pump /Customer installed Facilities for 2/3/4 wheelers. BPC
3 MTT Mineral Turpentine It is a aliphatic hydrocarbon solvent based on natural condensate having excellent solvent properties. Paint Industry
4 KSO Kerosene Superior Oil

It is based on natural condensate of boiling range 160 - 300 C, which can be used as a solvent for printing ink, paints, lacquers, textile, printing, degreasing, rubber reclaiming, insecticide preparation, etc.

Local Market
5 HSD High Speed Diesel Diesel Oil is a complex mixture of Hydro Carbons. It is a brown coloured oily liquid with pungent smell. BPC